A Snowball’s Chance – Mobile Edition

Due to something resembling popular request, I have hacked some mobile functionality into a new version of A Snowball’s Chance. You can play the “mobile edition” here. Because I am an old person and touch interfaces are less intuitive to me than the old mouse and keyboard, I’ll try to explain the controls: touch the left side of the screen to move left; touch the right side of the screen to move right. That sounds simple, but it means that trying to steer with one finger is awful. I find that holding the mobile device like a game controller and using my thumbs to steer makes this feel right. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A Snowball’s Chance – Mobile Edition”

    1. What kind of device are you using? And in what way does it not work? In other words: please describe what happens when you try to play it. I’ll try to fix it.

  1. I’ve played many games of yours in past months, and I must say that this is the best game you’ve made as of yet! The growing mechanic is a double-edged sword, which I found very interesting. When I first played it, I thought is was impossible. Every time I gained the ability to crush the large trees, I would run into an entire screen full of houses. I tried this many times, but with no avail. However, after playing again (still on desktop), I was able to crush the houses and, after the snowball descended out of the screen, I achieved this screen:
    My question is, did you add this true ending in an update, or was I just having poor luck before?

    1. Thanks for playing my games, and thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

      The ending has always been there, but you’re right about the row housing: it happens with alarming frequency and is often completely impossible to avoid. The layout is randomly generated, of course, but it sure has a tendency to be randomly unforgiving.

      I’m glad you stuck with it, though: I did my best to make sure the ending was satisfying to reward everyone who keeps at it.

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