Squash Arena

My twenty-second game is complete (more or less). At any rate, it’s as complete as it’s ever going to get. Squash Arena is my twentieth #onegameamonth game, and the theme this month was “Arena.”

I finished Quitting Time rather early last month, and I started very late this month, so I had a nice long break there for a while. It shows. I’m not saying Squash Arena is bad, but it’s not my best work. It doesn’t have an ending (only my third #onegameamonth game able to make that claim), and it doesn’t even really have a beginning. In fact, it never even bothers to explain the controls. That’s a pretty obvious flaw, so I’m going to try to make up for it here: You move with the WASD or arrow keys (or with ZQSD). That’s it. Honestly, you probably would’ve figured that out on your own, which is why I didn’t feel too bad about neglecting it. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Squash Arena”

  1. I just achieved an *ultimate* victory! Ha, ha…

    A nice little game, and it seems you finally broke away from doing another puzzle game.

    1. Yes, I finally broke the puzzle combo. Maybe next month I’ll get back to it. Now we wait to see if Richard is going to submit a game or not…

  2. Yeah, not your best. But the movement physics could be used in a zelda-esque overhead adventure thingie.

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