Don’t Get Fired!

Greetings, spambots! I’ve just finished my latest game, which I made for One Game A Month. The theme this month was “Fire,” and I couldn’t come up with any fire-related game ideas which could get me interested enough to put forth the effort, so I made this instead.

I thought I could just phone this one in – and to a certain extent I did, though I decided to add some bells and whistles which wound up doubling the development time. This is my first game to incorporate sound, so that was a new adventure, and it’s something I’m glad I’ve learned on a smaller project so that I’ll know what I’m doing should I get ambitious in the future.

So here it is: Don’t Get Fired!, a game which is in no way autobiographical, I swear. I had fun making it, I’m reasonably proud of it for what it is, and it’s encouraged me to try to make one game a month, an endeavor at which I previously would have balked.

A word of warning, though: People with OCD may find this game intolerable. That having been said, I think I’m done here. Now I have to go upload this game to three other sites or something ridiculous like that. Ugh.

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