String Trees

Some friends and I decided to get all communal and start a site where we could all post our own games and maybe even one day make a more ambitious, large-scale game together as a group. Our little indie game “studio” is called String Trees, and I’m probably overdue to post about it because Richard has already been putting out some impressive work for One Game A Month.

Oh. Why “String Trees,” you ask? That’s easy. It was the coolest, cleverest name we could come up with that still had the .com domain name available. The struggle is real.

Anyway, head on over there and pay us a visit, plus watch in horror as I attempt to post about my latest game on two separate sites without repeating myself! Should I just copy and paste? Of course! That’s what any sane person would do. As with every other ill-advised thing I’ve done on this site, though, I feel compelled to do it the hard way.

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