Puzzle Monks

My nineteenth game is finished already! Puzzle Monks is my seventeenth #onegameamonth game, and I have been working frantically this month to crank it out in time.

I had to rush this one out the door because December is such a busy month. The new Star Wars movie is coming out this week, I have a bunch of games to catch up on, I have some shopping to do, etc. It doesn’t have music or sound, which is a bummer, but maybe I’ll find time to add it in later in the month. Probably not.

The theme this month was “Quest-Giver,” and I did what I could with that. This is not my most thematically on-point game, but I don’t care; I’m really happy with this one. And I managed to finish it pretty quickly, especially considering how ambitious it is. Oh, and it’s a puzzle game. Surprise!

Tip: If you’re having trouble because you’re trying to please everyone at once, take it easy at first and just try to solve the puzzle according to Marcus. It’s sometimes easy to get into a situation where you completely fail a puzzle you could’ve passed because you don’t want to upset Percy or Uther. Also, it may help to work some of the later levels out on paper first.

EDIT: Okay, I couldn’t help myself. I went back in after the fact and added a new hidden puzzle for people who have seen everything else the game has to offer.

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