The Hobby Shop

My twentieth game is out! The Hobby Shop is my eighteenth #onegameamonth game, and the theme was “Hobby.”

I seem to have waited until the last possible second on this one, but the game’s actually been done for two weeks now. It’s been live on the site that whole time, and has even been listed on the Games page. A friend and I teamed up to make a game for the Myst Jam, which put a tight deadline on us. We got it submitted in time (barely), but we’re not 100% happy with the navigation. I’ve not made an official post until now because I was hoping we might be able to smooth out the rough edges before the month ended. Also, The Witness came out on the 26th and has consumed me ever since. You know how I love puzzle games.

If you’re familiar with Myst at all, you’ll be right at home with The Hobby Shop. It’s a slow, subtle point-and-click puzzle game without a word of explanation. We may yet improve on some of the details and release The Hobby Shop: Masterpiece Edition or something, but I hope you enjoy what we have already.

11 thoughts on “The Hobby Shop”

  1. Can you please send me a hint guide or walkthrough for The Hobby Shop? Its a great game and group of myself and my friends have been racking our brains over it for hours, but we just can’t figure it out.

    (spoiler warning)

    We solved three puzzles but can’t figure out the chess board, dart board, or bookshelves. Thanks

    1. I can tell you that the clue to the chess puzzle is in the six-digit drawer, so you can ignore the chess board until you’ve solved the bookcase.

      As for the bookcase, everything you need to solve it is right there on the books. I don’t want to say too much, but I will say that once you’ve found the solution, you’ll know beyond any doubt. There’ll be no guesswork.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! Happy puzzling!

        1. Today I can proudly say that I completed The Hobby Shop thanks to your assistance.

          Sorry for leaving so many comments, I would delete them or combine them into one post but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

          Anyway, if anyone else plays this game, my advice: Don’t Overthink It. Relax and if you can’t figure something out, come back to it later!

          1. Congratulations!

            I could certainly combine the comments if you want me to, but don’t worry about it. I like having some comments on the blog!

  2. Chess puzzle seems to be flawed.
    Based on the clue left in the 6-digit drawer I’ve counted the number of chess pieces in every possible square and counted how many times the specified values were reached … resultant code does not work

    1. Hm… Several people have successfully solved this (without brute forcing the lock), so I assume the puzzle works correctly. Either that, or we’ve all messed up in the same way. What numbers did you get?

        1. Yeah, that’s really close. I’m not sure how spoilery to be here, but check your sevens again. Make sure you didn’t miss anything.

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