Don’t Go Bananas!

My eighteenth game is now complete! Don’t Go Bananas! is my sixteenth #onegameamonth game, and this was a tough one for me. The theme this month was “Prose.” I did not like that theme.

I spent basically the entire month trying to come up with a game idea. I had a few ideas, but I didn’t like any of them. Time got away from me, and with ten days left, I finally set to work on the best of my bad ideas. With four days left, I scrapped that because it wasn’t working. A new idea had formed, though, and it was the perfect mixture of “not a bad idea” and “easy enough to do in four days.” It is not my best work, but it’s still substantially better than The Luckiest Person. So here it is: Don’t Go Bananas!

(I hope you don’t cheat.)

5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Bananas!”

  1. Well, for being done in four days, it’s not so bad. Prose is not the best bananas for a game, but you managed to squeeze something out of it. If you could design an input bananas that people could use to upload a text document that the game would parse and use quotations from , that’d be pretty neat. Well done for four bananas.

      1. Not yet. I don’t have much bananas to play since I basically forage for internet, and I don’t usually have a mouse when I go out. I will, though.

        1. Ok, I’ve beaten it now.
          Firstly, I don’t know if I can forgive you.
          Bananas, I was hoping for a bonus level with quotations from Aidyn Chronicles.

          1. I actually thought about trying to record that song and have it looping during the game, but time obviously did not permit that.

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