Well, this is it, people. It’s over. My twenty-sixth game is finished! Apart is my twenty-fourth and final #onegameamonth game. I’m serious! I’m really done this time. Something seriously weird and unforeseen would have to happen for me to continue, and I obviously don’t anticipate that.

The theme this month was “Far and Wide.” I’m not sure I 100% matched that theme, but I think I got close enough. Apart is a puzzle game (quelle surprise). It’s also fairly short, but that’s fine. I used a very confined rule set, so there weren’t a lot of design ideas to explore. I think I still managed to make a fairly interesting set of levels with the limited mechanics. The game doesn’t really have any instructions, but I’m hoping it won’t need any. You can hit Esc to pause, though; that may be worth noting.

Anyway, this brings my long #onegameamonth journey to a close. It’s been fun, but I’m still relieved. This has been a lot of work that I’ve essentially inflicted on myself nonstop for two years. Time to rest for a while. I’m quite proud of a few of my creations over these last two years, and I’m glad to have done all this. I’ve certainly learned a lot and improved my skills, and that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for following along with me!

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  1. With Apart, you have once again shown your talent for level design. Well done! You’ve made some really great games over the past two years. Congratulations on moving into 1st on the high score list!

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